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Ewing L. Bradley was the first mortician to work for what is now known as the Lindstrom Funeral Home in Cresco, Iowa. "E.L.", as they referred to Ewing as, began his funeral career in Lenox, Iowa before coming to Cresco to work for the Meverden Furniture and Undertaking Company on August 1, 1914. E.L. worked for Mr. Meverden for three years before venturing out and starting work for himself. In 1918 the Bradley Funeral Parlors was located in what is now, Billmyer Furniture Store, located on North Elm Street.

In 1926, E.L.'s son, Norman graduated from mortuary school and began working with his father. Four years after working together, they formed a partnership and started Bradley and Son. Several years later the business moved to a residential house west of the Cresco United Methodist Church. In 1945 the business was named to Bradley Funeral Home following E.L's retirement in Cresco. E.L. did however remain in business in Riceville, Iowa until selling that funeral home to Leo Chisholm several years later. E.L. passed away in May of 1964.
Norman continued in Cresco practicing mortuary science.

Delbert Lindstrom came to Cresco, IA in 1966, and began working for Norman Bradley. That same year, Delbert purchased the Funeral Home in Lime Springs, IA, from Norman Zachow, while continuing work with Norman in Cresco. A year after coming to Cresco, Delbert purchased the Bradley Funeral Home from Norman, and renamed the business to Bradley-Lindstrom Funeral Home. He then moved the funeral home in Cresco to the corner of 6th Avenue and North Elm St, where he remained until moving to the present location on Highway 9.

In the 1970's Delbert added the Riceville Funeral Home in Riceville, IA, purchased from Leo Chisolm, and the Abraham Funeral Home in Harmony, MN, purchased from Ken Abraham.

Lee, Delbert's son graduated from Mortuary Science School in Wheeling, IL, in 1999. Following graduation, Lee worked for Delbert until Del's passing away in 2003. Lee then purchased what is now the current, Lindstrom Funeral Homes.